New features, improvements and bug fixes

You can find here what has been changed in the last days.

2016-08-02 - Career Pages improvements


Career Pages job offers search improvements.

Filters have been added: regions and categories. You can also set what should be visible by default. Candidate can also show / hide it and option is remembered.

Set what have to be visible. Use "Filters" button to set if all filters have to be expanded.

Career Pages allow You to change navigation type.

There is a new, light navigation type. You can also not show navigation when needed. Language switcher has been integrated with navigation.

Use dropdown to choose navigation type or not show it.


Only Administrators, Operators and Keepers can change offer in Career Pages.

This allow You to better control permissions to change offer. Regular recruiters not beeing an offer keeper will not see Side Panel.


Fix for exporting notes and tags to PDF.

Filters summary has been restored in CV DB and Recruitments.

Older changes:

2016-04-15 - Custom Clauses for Career Pages and lots of improvements


New Career Pages has now custom clauses

In offers list view You can define custom clauses. Then it is easy to assign tags that will show in Application View when candidate check clause. There are also options to edit and remove clauses.

Be aware: Predefined clause is now Polish only so if You need to make e.g English one, just define it and assing in particular job offers as any other fields.

After defining new clause You need to relaod a page to see them in STEPS section of Side Panel.

Most magic is done in Side Panel. Later checked by candidate clauses are shown in Application View as well as assigned tags.

Accepted clauses are presented in Application view

All tags assigned to clauses are also visible in tags box. This is good for autotagging candidates by criteria.

Accepted clauses box with title, content, date added and information if clause was required during application time.

Toggle required validation for any field in Side Panel

Use lock icon to decide if field must not be empty. It also work for custom clauses.

You can set now safe background area for company logo.

It is white to transparent gradient located on top of content frame. It can be usefull if Your logo has some background and You set some transparency for the content frame.

Option make logo to stand out if it has some background.

You can now change visisibility of more items.

Hide company header, job title or apply button as You need.

Toggle visisibility controlls.

You can set offer to act like CV database.

You can use any offer (one at time) to be Your CV database.

Candidate will be directed to offer You set when click blue box.


Company feeds links generator new parameters.

This is technical feature for Your IT people. Feed now strore information about offers statuses and langs.

Check documentation and consult Your IT people to use this features.

Better support for mobile devices

Content is both responsive and adaptive. Offers list in smaller resolutions is simplified. Logo is centered and placed above company name. Cookies bar is not clipped now and can be closed. Description in uploader boxes not is not overlapped with button.

Content adaptation for smaller resolutions, e.g. mobile devices.

Search engine results

Search results are more even more accurate.

Option for fast clearing search results in CV database and job applications view.

It is now more visible that You have set a search filter.

Check documentation and consult Your IT people to use this features.

Career Pages sections in Side Panel.

Now after page reload sections state is restored. E.g. if You have section expanded it will be on other offer page. This results in less clicking required to configure Your offers.


Many fixes and improvements for better stability, both software and hardware.

Fix for scrolling popup window in some cases.

2016-01-29 - More flexible Career Pages, Company Feeds and Search improvements


New Career Pages groups reordering

Once You are logged in, edit buttons will be available. You can switch steps to preview how candidate will see them. Groups reordering gives You a lot flexibility. You can move groups between steps and change order inside chosen step.

Go to Side Panel, Steps tab to enable global template changes. Groups order will propagate to all recruitements until overriden. You can also use global Edit Mode to change other common settings without need to go into Offers view. Global Edit Mode has dark bar with information at the bottom of the page.

Edit buttons are located in content area as well as in Side Panel.

Logo can link to company website

To use this feature paste website address into provided field.

Set it globally or per recruitemnt if You need.

Company feeds links generator

This is technical feature for Your IT people. If You need to import XML or JSON feed with company job offers, You can generate required Link to fetch it.

This feature is well documented for Your convenience.


Search engine stability

Search engine results have been improved.

Career Pages tooltips.

We added tooltips to Side Panel tabs of new Career Pages.


Date validator in new Career Pages has been fixed

2015-12-08 - New Career Pages, Better Performance, Better Search, Reports


New Career Pages

They are separate subsystem. Please contact our service to know how to get them. New Career Pages offer big possibilities in personalisation, both per offers list and every single offer.

We are introducing steps and groups for fields. Your form now not only will look better but also is more candidate friendly. Style layout as You wish with ready to use images or point to Your own. Change layout width, transparency and other options. There is more!

When You are logged in, Side Panel is available to use.


Use reports to quick check what is going on in compact view.

You can also export reports to XLS format.


Speed of use

We made a lot of effort to make System more pleasant to use. Changes has been made both in Hardware and Software.

More elastic search engine

Now You can have better search results and also faster. Feel the power of fulltext search!


Some rare appearing bugs has been fixed

2015-09-28 - Application Share & Side Panel


New Application Share

Go to some candidate profile and click black share icon in top menu.

Reorder elements, change colors, edit headers, hide items and collect feedback. If You do not like changes You can reset them.

Activate interactions in left top menu so You can move items and edit headers.

Side Panel

Go to Share view as described above and click dark rectangle on the right.

Side Panel keep context related tools and settings. It is divided by sections that can be collapsed.

Set which fileds should be visible for new offers.

Predefine field visibility in offer if it should be different that default one.

Now You do not have to change it in every offer one by one.

There is now clear who is the offer owner.

It is helpful when using multiple keepers.

Offer owner is bolded in table and listed in offer summary.


More elegant login, registration, password retrieval forms.

You can see them before logging into System.


Registration link was missing in emails for some time

Blank modal window appeared when adding FB account

Minor bugs related to publications

2015-08-21 - FB integration, Statistics, Recruitments and Applications tables look & feel


Facebook integration

Go to Recruitments, choose one and go to Publications.

You can publish offers on facebook. First set connection in Settings.

Recruitments statistics

Go to Statistics, to see it.

See statistics by company branches.

Applications statistics

Go to Statistics, to see it.

See effectivness of choosen portals and Career Page as well as other options.

AdWords characters counter

Go to Recruitments, choose one and go to Publications.

When You choose AdWords medium there will be character counter.


Recruitment and Applications tables restyled

Go to Recruitments, to see them.

Look & feel is enhanced to match Publications style.

Candidates can now reapply

If You set this, candidates can reapply for offers.

Custom fields for candidates not linked to offer

You can now add Custom Fields set to applications from CV Database.

Refresh publication date option

You can refresh Publication date so it will appear higher on Career Page list.


Black Listed candidate is marked in all recruitments

Sometime export PDF caused empty data

Fix for adding tags

Previously uploaded files were visible when choosing new ones

2015-07-20 - Custom fields, Publications tables look & feel


Last clicked row is marked by grey gradient

Go to Recruitments, choose one and go to Publications to see it.

Last used row in each table is marked by grey gradient.

Define custom field sets and use them it to extend Candidate Profile data

Go to Recruitments, choose one and choose Candidate. You have to define sets first.

Table with filled custom field set.


Publications tables has been restyled

Go to Recruitments, choose one and go to Publications to see it.

New Publications tables style.

Application Status & Date changing has been improved

Go to Recruitments, choose one and choose Candidate.

Change status or / and date without reloading. Confirmation message will be shown.


Candidate was Black Listed only after page reload

Region was invisible while editing for regular user

Minor issue for editing recruitment has been fixed

Minor issue with editing company profile has been fixed

Fixes for several translations

Fixes for case of adding a lot of Tags to not be clipped